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Apulean leader IV century B.C.

HerstellerRomeo Models
ProduktcodeRM 54-064
SortierkriteriumHistorischer Bereich
NameApulean leader IV century B.C.
RM 54-64 Apulean Leader, IV Century B.C.


It is believed that the Apuli were originally from Elyria and around the year 1000 BC they settled in the region between the Gargano and Taranto. Ancient Apulia which presently coincides with the Nothern part of Puglia bordered on the western side with the Sannio and on the south- western side with Lucania. In the south east it bordered with the Messapii and the Greeks. The Apulii had conflicts with the Sanniti and the Messapii and also took part in the three Punic wars alternatively allied with ,or fighting against, the Romans ( at the end of IV cen and the beginning of III cent BC. ) as well as in the campaign against Pirro ( 275 BC ). They also had a role in the campaign against Hannibal ( 218-216 BC ) which ended with the battle of Canne in the territory of Apulia. At the end of the Punic wars, the Apuli remained subjected to the Roman hegemony. Apulia disappeared with this name when united to the Salentina peninsula ( at that time called Calabria ) and the territory of Benevento, became part of the second region named augustea. Each warrior belonging to a tribe, village or a confederation of these reported to a leader who might be a king or a chief. The panoply of our figurine represents the cuirass the helmet and the shin guards which are kept in the Archaeological Museum in Bari. The shield hoplon , the sword kopis the sceptre or heraldic baton are added to the figure as all inspired by other objects kept in the above- mentioned Museum and in the Vatican Museums.

Historical research and text: Stefano Castracane.
Translation: Riccardo Carrabino.
ModelliererMaurizio Bruno

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